Transform your MGF TF (VVC)

In 2006 I purchased a 2003 low k MGF TF (VVC) that had been factory fitted with a sports suspension. This was a deliberate choice as I had no interest in the earlier models fitted with the Hydragas suspension.

I loved the car when I purchased it and I still do and I accepted the suspension would be firm/hard and enjoyed the way the car performed and handled. It was always going to be a road car and was never intended for the race circuit.

It is now 2013 and in recent months I have become more and more concerned that the firm/hard/harsh ride was beginning to shake the car to bits. Pot holes and rail crossings were particularly bad. While discussing this with an early MGF owner I became aware that it was possible a soft ride conversion kit might be available ex the UK.

This led me to the MG Owners Club UK who as it happened did have a suitable kit that had been developed by Bilstein in Germany in 2006 specifically for the MGF TF but cost was a factor and it was never used by the factory. The Owners Club had experience of the conversion and assured me, once fitted , I would have a different car.

As a result I purchased the kit and it is now in the car. To say the least I am certainly not disappointed. The ride is far more comfortable, the harshness has gone and so has a lot of the road noise previously transmitted through the suspension. There is no loss of handling.

The kit comprises only the four dampers. two fronts and two rears. All other parts from the car are re-used. For owners who are used to doing their own maintenance the conversion is not difficult and can be completed at home in a day.

But it is useful to have some knowledge of how suspensions work and have available a set of wheel stands (or access to a hoist) a spring compressor, a torque wrench and the necessary spanners.

The kit includes the instructions and these are well written and easy to follow and understand. A workshop manual is also helpful for those not familiar with the surrounding suspension components.

The all up cost landed in Australia was $1023 Aus. and my wife and I consider it was money well spent. We now have a completely different, and in our opinion, a far better and more enjoyable car.

The conversion has been more than worthwhile.

CJD September 2013.