MG TC Owners Club

What are the Best Things About Our Club?

The amazing ability to conduct a meeting EVERY fortnight for 60 years. Could this be a World Record?

The fantastic sharing of information about the cars

The growing social life between members and their partners

The dedication to the marque in particular the TC


Perth - Western Australia

60 years young and still motoring

In 2021 the MG TC Owners Club turns 60 years old and perhaps one of the most remarkable facts about the club is that some of the founder members are still attending meetings.

The club is very active with over 50 events a year and still growing with over 90 members, up from 82 members in our 50th year in 2011. Our oldest member is over 90, a number are now in their 80’s and our youngest is not yet in his teens. A number of members have attended over 1000 club meetings, surely some kind of a record?

The core of the membership is still in Perth, Western Australia, but we now have “country” members in regional Western Australia (from Augusta to Broome), and interstate in Victoria, Tasmania and Queensland. We also have a small number of overseas members in Canada, South Africa and the USA.

The 60th year of the club started with the threat that our continuous run of 60 years of fortnightly meetings would be broken by the Covid-19 pandemic. However we switched our meetings on-line, using Zoom for the lockdown period, and resumed meetings and events as soon as lockdown ended. Who says old dogs can’t learn new tricks?

Being fortunate enough to be based in Covid-19 free Western Australia we were back to normal service by early June 2020 the start of our 60th anniversary year.

The Diamond Jubilee will be filled with as much MG motoring as we can manage; club meetings, country runs, track days, coffee runs, navigation tests, lunch runs and concours, all aimed at getting our cars out on the road and “maintaining the breed”.

Polish it ‘till it gleams....Drive it ‘till it smokes