About the Club

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The MGTC Owners Club has always been a one marque (MG) car club.


Membership is only available to owners of eligible cars (Pre War, TC, Y sedans and Tourers, TD and TF) .

Owners wanting to join the Club are invited to visit at three fortnightly general meetings before seeking nomination and approval of membership by members at a general meeting.

Owners of later model cars are not eligible.


Members are expected to support the Clubs Administration by attending meetings on a regular basis and by taking part with their cars in other Club activities.


Owners undertaking extended restoration programs are not prevented from joining the Club but are encouraged to do so provided other Club requirements are met.


A copy edition 8 of The MG TC Owners Club Compendium & Constitution 2023 is available to VIEW or DOWNLOAD

Beginning in 2013 owners of eligible cars living in country or remote areas and who are prevented by distance from attending general meetings or Club events on a regular basis are welcome to make application to join. Some restrictions apply in respect to voting rights on matters of the Clubs Constitution.