Impromptu Runs

Impromptu Runs rules for the MG TC Owners Club

This is an automated form that needs to be completed before commencing an impromptu run in your concessionally registered vehicle that is associated with the MG TC Owners Club to meet the Department of Transport requirements,

Each vehicle on the run must be registered individually to meet the DOT requires for maintaining our club "Run Log" and a run can involve one or more vehicles.

This form records the impromptu run details in the clubs "Run Log":

• Date

• Approximate start and finish time of run

• Starting address

• Destination

• Finishing address

• Number Plates of your vehicle participating in the impromptu run.

Please note: Impromptu runs are a one-day event, meaning the run must commence and end on the same day.

Impromptu runs are not club events or maintenance and therefore must be recorded as such.