TC 2446 Restoration

TC 2446 - 1,000hr restoration of love

MG TC 2446

Our car came off the production line at the MG Factory in Abingdon on Thursday 25th March 1947. It was the 5th of 9 cars finished that day. It was one of 24 TCs that were exported by the Nuffield Company to Argentina that year. Shortly after this time in 1947, the Argentine Government decided they would only accept left hand drive cars.

The compliance plates under the bonnet of these exported TCs were stamped “EX RHD”, indicating they were right hand drive and made for the export market. All TCs for export to South America, Europe and South Africa were fitted with kilometer speedometers. (information researched at the British Leyland Heritage Museum UK). Refer Page P3 in “MG Midget Series TC Service Parts List (Book AKD856)” Note: There have never been factory LHD TABC cars because the steering box would interfere with the TC oil filter.

In late 1981 we bought TC 2446 totally disassembled from Chris Jones (dec), a Perth local. He had previously purchased it from John Schoen who bought the car in Argentina and when he returned to Perth with his job, he brought the car home with him, disassembled in boxes.

During the car’s existence in Argentina, if replacement parts were needed and unavailable, they were hand made locally. This car had a hand-made radiator shell which was very quickly replaced with a real one when restoration began.

Immediately after bringing the TC home in boxes, Harry began restoration work with 15year old son Philip helping where he could; their endeavours fully supported by wife Deidre and 13 year old daughter Krishna.

It was a 1,000hr labour of love, and completed in late 1982 after 12 months of full time work after hours and on weekends.

Since restoration, TC 2446 has competed in its fair share of competitions in WA and interstate.

However long distance touring has been its strong point.

Harry and Deidre

1983: Concours Geelong 2nd Place. “Concensus” judging used for the first and only time at Natmeets


1984 The car was trucked Perth to Melbourne, shipped to Tasmania then driven to the Natmeet in Hobart where it took first place in the concours. We toured extensively in the TC afterwards. After driving back to Perth the TC was awarded first place in the TCOC concours .

1988 was driven Around Australia on Highway 1 by Harry and Philip Pyle with a side excursion to Ayers Rock. On arrival in Canberra it competed in the Natmeet. Total trip was 21,600 Kms in 21 days of driving.

1993 Harry drove this car “Around the World” with Deidre as his navigator: a total of 50,727kms visiting North America and Canada, some countries in western Europe and all of the United Kingdom and Ireland: 12 countries in all. We met with many MG owners and entered in a number of international MG events.

2007 Attending the NZ International MG Rally the TC was driven extensively in NZ’s north and south islands during 3 months, part of the time in company with NZ MGCC and took part in several organized MG events.

In between these years TC2446 was driven to and competed in many additional eastern states Natmeets