MG TC 2446 Round Tasmania

The MG Natmeet in 2006 was held in Launceston, Tasmania. It provided a great opportunity for myself and Deidre to be part of the weekend activities and do some touring as well.

In 1984 we had driven the TC over and back to Tasmania for the Natmeet, held that year in Hobart. On that occasion we did not have time to tour down the west coast. In 2006 we were able to re-visit many of the places we’d previously seen and to tour to other locations for the first time.

The 2006 Natmeet was great fun: the chance to tour the island extensively before and after Easter in the TC was a special bonus experience. As shown on the map, there are very few roads in Tasmania that TC2446 hasn’t been driven on.

Harry Pyle


Concours Launceston

Fixing Hood

Towards Derwent Bridge

Chain around wheel and suspension-TC security

Eagle Hawke Neck

Perth - Tasmania

Fixing broken spring

Broken spring fixed!

TCOC contingent

Col Bonney in period costume at the farewell dinner