Robert Koon's TC

This is a picture of TC EXU7514 XPAG8226 sold recently in the US after 61 years in the hands of only the second owner.

Those with a keen eye will notice the V8 badge tucked up neatly in the top centre of the grill. The original XPAG was terminally retired in the 1950's and a V8Sixty installed. This engine remained with the car until its recent sale.

The car has now been completely rebuilt for competition by its new owner Bob Koons, still in the US, and joins two other TCs already owned by Bob. TC5112 and TC9004

The restoration work carried out on TCEXU7514, which includes a number of interesting modifications, and illustrated here in the additional pictures is really quite stunning.

The naming of the car is a tribute to the previous owner.

(webmasters note: boy would not mind the Lotus and the shed!)

Here's what the TC looked like before I shipped it to Bob Koons. It had been stored for several decades. Spence Kerrigan, Houston Texas.

Bob Koon's is getting the MG ready for the Vintage Car Race in Monterey. This car competed in the first Pebble Beach Road Race in 1950 when owned by Spence Kerrigan.