Cecil Kimber Twilight Tour 2012

Cecil Kimber Twilight Tour 2012 (Serpentine Airfield)

A balmy summer evening saw a large number of members and others enjoy viewing the magnificent Sopwith Pup aircraft and enjoying each others company. Cecil Kimber would have enjoyed it!

We witnessed a fantastic display of aerial acrobatics by members of the Serpentine Aero club....next best thing to driving a rally car I reckon.

There was the usual TC, TM competition which the TC won and the driver was kindly presented with a bottle of red. Well done Col B.

Once the light faded away we all retired to the Baldivis Tavern for a meal.

Congratulations and thanks go to Clark and Denise for making it happen and special thanks to our hosts Bert and Carol fo the display and the TC/Tiger Moth challenge.