Poem 2

1983 Crow Trial (or "Trial & Error")

Just for a giggle I thought,

It will do no harm to try.

"I'll be your driver dear,

it's time for a change of style"

For want of someone better,

he grudgingly gave the nod.

Sending up a silent prayer,

"Smile down upon us God".

Stoked up with our stirrup cup

of "TC Crowd Trial Port",

we climbed aboard the old blue steed,

a battle to be fought.

"Stupendous navigation dear",

I felt obliged to say

as we shot around the corner

and out of Peter Way.

The look he threw across to me

was enough to light a fuse.

The message came through loud and clear,

"We are simply not amused"!

Out through the boondocks

we headed for the hills.

Arriving at the checkpoints

by luck and sometimes skill.

Steaming down the Zigzag

waxing lyrical on the view.

Darryl clutching to his clipboard,

faint-hearted, knuckles gone blue.

Peaking at 6000 revs

the gearbox screams in pain.

"You shouldn't really do that dear"

he says with great restraint.

Through the fog of our exhaust smoke

looms a dreaded blue faced cop.

"Afternoon officer" (pathetically),

He just smirks and burns us off.

Panic with a stick map

we call a frantic halt.

Passing motorist kindly calls

"What's wrong mate, you lost ?"

The air was blue, expletives thick

as Darryl cursed the day,

that Colin Dines was put on earth

to torment him in this way.

"Oh no, I don't believe it !"

in unison we sob,

as down the Zigzag once again

the poor old car did throb.

My, how time does fly

when you're having so much `fun'.

Into the sunset, like John Wayne,

we head for the homeward run.

In dribs and drabs we all get back,

with tales of drama and woe.

Deidre gripping her c




omfort bag,

filled as instructed by Col.

Husbands never cease to wonder,

how essential wives can be.

But we proved our point, you will note

in the CROWD TRIAL '83.