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Helping Hand

Here is  a story from Morris P about the cleanup day at the Nuthouse

What can 10 like minded men and 1 lady achieve in one day? You may ask?

Well a lot is the answer. Yes when 9 members of the MG TCOC combine their forces and took to cleaning up the damage cause by a thunderstorm at fellow club member Bert and Angie Hayes farm in Northam, the effect was amazing.

Starting immediately after a welcoming morning coffee, 2 members man-handled brooms and mops and extracted all the dirt out of the Nut house, then they cleaned 2 cars including the TC, whilst the other 8 cleaned up the roads around the farm from all the fallen trees so by 4.30pm in the afternoon “The Farm” was looking tidy. Getting the farm shipshape was a really rewarding exercise but the most rewarding aspect was the fact that the TC Owners Club again showed that we are prepared to give of our time and energy in helping our fellow members and that we where the first club to come forward.

At the end of the day we all agreed, that in spite of our aching aged bodies it was worthwhile. To think that these little cars built 60years ago could engender such a comradeship is surely a test to our club’s spirit.

I must say personally I am a very proud member of the MG TCOC.


Well done: Ralph, Mike L, Kevin W, Clark, Gary, Graham B, Daryl, Brian, Morris.

                   Bert & Angie.