Here are some links to other MG websites which may be of interest to members
if you have any links which may be of interest please advise admin.

 Australian Sites
 Newcastle MG car club
 MG Car Club of Tasmania Inc
 MG T Register of Victoria, Aus
 English Sites
Abingdon Rough Riders - (old associates of TCOC.      Has magazine)
 Electronic Dizzy's etc
 TC Motoring Guild -(old associates of TCOC. Has  magazine)
 The Frame up (Doug Pelton)(This is an American site not UK)
 T-ABCs Forever (Walter Prechsl)
 Totally T Type 2 (John James)
 MG Car Club (UK) T Register - (Find your engine/chassis numbers here)

Cylinder head/block and casting numbers here

Chassis & engine id casting dates

Head and block casting numbers

Chassis & engine casting dates
 MG Octagon Car Club

 International MG Y Type Register
 MG TD  - site by Chris Couper
 British Cars Web-Scions of Lucas-MG
 MG Cars UK by IPL
 MG BBS T Series
 USA Sites
 MG-TABC assistance USA - (password is well known to TB TCers)
 MG Vintage Club of Sthn California
 New England MG T Register
 Northwest MG T Register
 Vintage MG Car Club of Chicago
 MG-Magazine USA
 MG World (Doug Pulver)
 Pit Products - trailer and garage accesssories for car enthusiasts                                                   
 Canada Sites
 Ontario MG T Register