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Concours 2021

The Concours this year again took members to the pleasant Stirk Park in the 
City of Kalamunda in the hills to the east of Perth.
Although slightly warmish it was not uncomfortable and there was plenty of
 shade for family and friends.
Thirty six members were present and they arrived in 21 TCs, 3 TDs, 2 TFs,
 2 Y sedans, 1 YT, a J2 and an MGA. Two visitors arrived one in a Magnette 
and the other in an RV8.

Eight cars were presented to the judges 6 TCs, 1 TD and the J2. The judging was 
completed by early afternoon using the system introduced in 2019 (2020 was
 cancelled due to Covid 19) with an emphasis on condition and originality.
Congratulations to each of the class winners.

       TC 9549                             TD 11639                        J2 4418