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50th Concours 2011


The annual concours has now been run and won and congratulations to all the class winners and to those members who also turned out to support this Club event.

Forty seven members were present and they brought along 38 club cars. Perhaps the best concours ever. A later model plastic was also seen parked under the trees.

Members cars included 27 TC - 3 TD - 5 TF - 2 Y and an SA Sedan. A visitor arrived in another TC making 28 in total.

Three members from the Clubs early days were also seen in the crowd which wandered through and which may have been drawn by the publicity given to the event by the Clubs friendly scribe from the West Australian newspaper.

The weather gods were a little indifferent at times but at least it did not rain.

If there are any photos available please send them to admin@mgtcownersclub.com
 and they will be added to the web site.

Many thanks to those who sent in photos of the event, they are presented here in a slide show and if people wish to download them click on the arrow in the middle of the show and you will be taken to the Picassa album where they are stored, here you can do a right click on the image and save it to your computer.

Kevin Mc sent a link to more photos which members can view by going here http://www.flickr.com/photos/vjzoo/sets/72157626092422276/with/5460909600/

Please enjoy...

50th Concours Pics