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50th Annual Trophy and Dinner

The MGTCOC 50th Anniversary Annual Presentation of Trophies and Dinner

The evening was very enjoyable according to everyone that I spoke to.  Whilst there were a few people who could not make it and sadly we lost Graham Booth just a week before the event, it was extremely well attended with past members even coming over from Sydney.  Well done!

The presentation of trophies was combined with some self congratulations for the members in having achieved their 50th Anniversary, with photos being taken of some of the original members who attended meeting number one in 1961.  This included the wife of one of the original members who has since passed on.

Meeting Number ONE 1961
From the left Bob McQueen, Mike Sherrell, Joan Pateman and Colin Dines

The club book was launched with those responsible being thanked by all members, a huge job, but one well done.

From the left - Mike holding the book, Wally Bennett, instigator, who did a huge amount of early work - Graham Aldous, organised printing and Barry Palmer who finished what Wally started and put it all together.

One member took it upon himself to have the 50th logo printed onto a very nice coffee mug.

He then very generously gave one to each and everyone who attended, a nice memento of the occasion. Thanks Ralph a nice touch.

Club Secretary - Ralph King who did a great job on the night giving out trophies and making sure we all got a nice cup for our coffee!

The MC Colin Dines paid tribute to all those members and their wives who have passed on, during his introduction.

Colin Dines - giving his introduction

The Club President Mike Sherrell spoke about the clubs amazing 50 years and congratulated all the members for the success that the club has achieved.

President Mike Sherrell - giving his speech

Each member present at the dinner was acknowledged and asked to stand on a year by year basis starting with those who attended meeting number one and ending with the newest members.

All members stood to acknowledge their year of joining the club
In the end every body in the room was standing and a toast to the club was warmly received.

There were four Life Memberships granted and two honorary Life memberships were given to a couple of very deserving wives.


Receiving their Life Memberships are from the left - Colin Bonney, Kevin McMahon, Wally Bennett and below


Richard Prior, then the two Honorary Life Memberships, Barb Prior and Joyce Bowles - congratulations all

To round the night off one of the clubs younger members Patrick Fox spoke about why he joined and what he values most about being a member of the TC Owners Club, apparently he was inspired as a young child by a book called "The Little Red Car"
whereby he fell in love with the TC and became determined to own one, then he found out about the club and just had to join, the club is all the better having people like Patrick become members as he is part of the future of the club.

The venue and the food was very enjoyable and thanks go to the members who make this possible every year.
 Jackie Dines.